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Vendor Selection

Professionals attend tradeshows, whether real or virtual, to gain industry knowledge and to keep tabs on industry players for future needs. Communications received from vendors remain scattered within email clients, for example Outlook, and either they do not get organized or are organized in an ad hoc manner. The same scenario is true if one wished to select a vendor from one of the project portals like Elance. This usage scenario and template shows how infobrella may be used to organize all the information about many the vendors, for example, their websites, portfolios, emails, and proposals in an organized way. It also allows users to assign the vendors a rating and then sort by this rating to make a final selection by a logical process.

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Figure 1: Vendor’s aggregated Information



Figure 1 displays the following information:


  • Folders Section displays:
    • A project folder named “Biz Plan Preparation” and
    • Vendors selected to quote on the project within this folder
    • One of the vendors “Scribe on Demand” is  selected and is shown highlighted
  • For the highlighted vendor, Attachment Section displays:
    • Link to vendor’s website
    • Link to vendor’s portfolios shown on its website
    • Link to sample work done displayed on its website
    • Emails received from the vendor
    • Proposal received form the vendor
  • For the highlighted vendor, Notes Section displays:
    • User’s assessment of the vendor
    • Any comments user wants to note about the vendor

Figure 2: Vendor Comparison


Figure2 displays the following information:


  • A new form “eLance Vendors” was created as shown in Forms Section
  • Folder “Biz Plan Preparation” is shown highlighted in Folders Section.
  • Form “eLance Vendors” was used to create entries of each vendor selected to quote on the project and their entries are displayed as part of the above folder.
  • Details Section displays the fields of each vendor in the highlighted folder





  • Figure 1 displays all the vendors selected to quote on the project within a folder. Selecting a vendor displays its information in Attachment and Notes sections.
  • Figure 2 displays comparison of all the vendors in Details Section. It allows user to sort this information by clicking on the column name making it easier to make a selection
  • All the basic information about a vendor and their comparative information is available with only few clicks thus minimizing loss of productivity from:
    • Searching for information in multiple places
    • Loss of focus inherent in task switching


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