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CIO Project Dashboard

This template illustrates the use of software by a CIO to get a glance overview of all the projects under her team to see if any on them is falling behind. It then allows her to drill down on the concerned project to check the cause. It also allows her to create check points for the projects for later review.

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Software Pseudo Code

Current Status: Software specifications are currently written using word processors. These are basically linear documents. Switching between functional level to understand overall capability and detailed level for its implementation is not easily done. This example shows how infobrella may be used by software architects to describe functionality at global level without worrying about its implementation and then software developers can take that description and create the actual programs. This easy switching between different level of details makes it easier for people to grasp the functionality of the software.

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Project Manager's Information Management

This template demonstrates how project managers may use infobrella to integrate information from diverse sources into one integrated solution for immediate access. It complements project management software used by PMs, it does not replace them. Many forms used by PMs e.g. Change Request, Issues, Quality Metrics, Risks, Milestones, Resource Management Plans, Communication Plan, Defects etc. are included in this template.

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Recruiters in Staffing Industry

Some recruiters use industry specific software to manage their business but may of them use Excel spreadsheet to track their candidates, clients and contracts. Managing information within one spreadsheet is ok within Excel but when diverse information is spread over several worksheets and they need to be correlated, it is not easily done. This tutorial will demonstrate how infobrella has been used recruiters to manage their information. It is estimated that recruiters can save 4 to 6 hours a week by using this template.

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