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Recruiters in Staffing Industry

Some recruiters use industry specific software to manage their business but may of them use Excel spreadsheet to track their candidates, clients and contracts. Managing information within one spreadsheet is ok within Excel but when diverse information is spread over several worksheets and they need to be correlated, it is not easily done. This tutorial will demonstrate how infobrella has been used recruiters to manage their information. It is estimated that recruiters can save 4 to 6 hours a week by using this template.

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Current Information Management Requirements:


Enter, Record and Track Client, Candidate and Contract Information, including:  


  • Client Information
    • Company Name
    • Contact
    • Phone number
    • Payment terms
    • Candidate termination terms
    • Candidate acceptance terms.


  • Candidate Information
    • Client Name
    • Contact information
    • Qualifications
    • W2/1099/Corp to Corp
    • Confirm info on contracts in place before sending it to client (pay rate etc.)


  • Contract Information
    • Project name
    • Hiring Manager
    • Start & End dates
    • Bill rate
    • Renewal Date etc.




  • Inability to track information in various formats (creating separate Excel spreadsheets to track clients, candidate and contract information.
  • Creating multiple folders slow down process to quickly find client, candidate and contract information
  • Recruiters spend a significant amount of time searching and correlating information from multiple places, leading to loss of time and productivity, and billable hours


Infobrella Solution:


  • Create forms for clients, candidates and contracts in infobrella Forms (Item Type) Pane
  • Create folders for clients, candidates and contracts in Folders Pane, and store corresponding filled in forms within these folders.
  • Access emails and agreement contracts with each party in their infobrella ‘Attachment Pane’ and verbal communication in the infobrella ‘Notes Pane’


Usage Example:


New Candidate:


  • Fill in the static information e.g. name, contact #, qualifications etc. using a blank “Candidate Form’ from Forms (Item Type) Pane.
  • Place filled in form in ‘CANDIDATES’ folder in Folders (Item Organization) Pane.
  • Record important relevant information e.g. special skills, job preferences that are not part of the form in Notes Pane.
  • Attach resume, contracts and any email of significance in Attachment Pane.




Infobrella Value:


    • Access all candidate information from one place, viewable immediately   when the candidate’s name is highlighted in Folders Pane.
    • Eliminate cross-checking Excel spreadsheet with other documents and emails
    • As all information is available at a glance, on one screen, limit loss of time and distraction




  • Input information on customized Forms
  • Forms filed in Folders Pane
  • Unstructured information filed in Notes Pane with client agreements
  • Emails are linked via Attachment Pane
  • All relevant client information is now available and viewable on a single screen
  • Saves time and maintains focus




  • Customized forms completed and filed in Folders Pane
  • Conversation summaries or unstructured information is placed in Notes Pane
  • Emails and copies of signed contracts linked via Attachment Pane
  • All relevant recorded communications are available and viewable on one screen


The infobrella Advantage:


  • All information integrated and organized in one place
  • Easy to access, update and report
  • Eliminates loss of productivity as it increases efficiency


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