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Software Pseudo Code

Current Status: Software specifications are currently written using word processors. These are basically linear documents. Switching between functional level to understand overall capability and detailed level for its implementation is not easily done. This example shows how infobrella may be used by software architects to describe functionality at global level without worrying about its implementation and then software developers can take that description and create the actual programs. This easy switching between different level of details makes it easier for people to grasp the functionality of the software.

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Infobrella Advantage:  Infobrella allows software designers to think and document at a logical level. It allows them to break up the project into smaller parts and write at functional level. They can envision and document at a level of their choosing and dig deeper to the level desired thru the use of Folders Pane. Since users can compress and expand at will, it allows designers the flexibility to move their focus at will. Whether any condition has been left out or have all the situations been covered by the system can easily be determined by moving from global to local view in an instant. This is explained further by the following examples:

 If Statement:

Expanded Mode:

 Expanded If Stmnt

 Collapsed Mode:


 In conventional coding, the ‘If’ statement and its associated ‘End If’ statements are written at the same level for ease of visual alignment. In our case we have indented the ‘End If’ statement. This allows its concealment when the ‘If’ condition is collapsed. This allows the designer to observe that the condition has been accounted for and also gives the ability to its details by expanding it. Detailed implementation direction for each situation may be given in the Notes Pane for each entry.

 Nested If Statement: An example of ‘Nested If Statement’ is provided below:


Sequential Execution:


 User Choice:


 A mock up example of a software program in pseudo code is illustrated below:


Case Study: An in house example of using Infobrella as pseudo code writing tool for creating Outlook Contacts wizard is reproduced below. This example is also available for download in templates section.


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