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CIO Project Dashboard

This template illustrates the use of software by a CIO to get a glance overview of all the projects under her team to see if any on them is falling behind. It then allows her to drill down on the concerned project to check the cause. It also allows her to create check points for the projects for later review.

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Industry Status:

  • Project Managers use their favorite project management software to track progress
  • Status communication to CIO/PMO is done via emails
  • CIO/PMO compiles information by ad hoc methods to determine projects needing further attention
  • Considerable time and effort of CIO/PMO is wasted on regular basis  in unproductive activities


Infobrella Solution: Figure below displays the dashboard created with Infobrella for a CIO/PMO



  • Details section displays status of all projects in a glance
  • Individual project managers enter information about their own projects
  • CIO/PMO views the summary of all the projects in Details section without the need to compile information from emails from all  project managers saving her considerabletiem and energy
  • Folders section displays all the projects, in this case 1, 2 and 3, along with their work breakdown structure
  • It also displays status checkpoints taken at regular intervals. This may be used to track project history over time.
  • User may drill down to any level of detail of any project or its checkpoint for further details



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