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Trade Show Planning

This example demonstrates how infobrella is used by a VP of a software company to track different trade show events. It demonstrates how all the information about a trade show e.g. its expected attendance, date, communication with organizers, hotel reservation and travel information etc. can all be integrated together for easy and immediate access. This information may also be easily transferred to another user via email. Normally this information is spread between email clients, Windows filing system, browser bookmarks and user’s notepads but infobrella allows all the diverse information to be integrated in one place making it easier and faster to access.

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Software Specification

In today’s environment word processors are commonly used to document software requirements and specifications. In this environment, for any given release of the software, the development team is well versed with the functionality of each release. But many times a situation arises when it is necessary to know how a particular module changed over different releases, who requested the changes and what was the rationale. With the high turnover in today’s job market, many a times, the person who requested the change may no longer be with the company and the current staff has to recreate the situation and many times redo the effort. This template describes how infobrella may be used by developers and architects to document all the specifications and change requests so that it is easy to find out the specifications of each release as well as changes for any module over different releases.

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