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New User Learning

Brainstorming and Organizing Ideas

For your project kick-off, use infobrella to capture everyone’s ideas using a familiar Windows Explorer interface. Organize and reorganize your brainstormed notes till everyone on the team is in full agreement how to move forward. As the project progresses, save and organize all information e.g., thoughts, emails, files and URLs, in one place to form an integrated and linked information system. 

View Power Users video in Tutorials for detailed demonstration.

List Manager

This scenario explains using infobrella to track multiple types of information i.e. any and all types of information e.g. shopping list with quantity and source of each item, a do-list with due date and priority of each task, bank accounts with account number and current balance for each etc. It also demonstrates sorting by any of these values.

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Phone Campaign

This scenario demonstrates use of infobrella to create and maintain a phone campaign. Folders Pane is used to manage the contacts list and Notes Pane will be used to capture the conversations held with each contact. There is no limit on the number of contacts in the list or the length of conversation that may be recorded for each contact. Status of conversation with each candidate e.g. Follow Up Date, No answer, Left Message etc. may also be recorded. It also demonstrates sorting of these calls by any of these parameters for follow up activities.

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