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Phone Campaign

This scenario demonstrates use of infobrella to create and maintain a phone campaign. Folders Pane is used to manage the contacts list and Notes Pane will be used to capture the conversations held with each contact. There is no limit on the number of contacts in the list or the length of conversation that may be recorded for each contact. Status of conversation with each candidate e.g. Follow Up Date, No answer, Left Message etc. may also be recorded. It also demonstrates sorting of these calls by any of these parameters for follow up activities.

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Problem:This is an extension of the earlier sample on phone campaign. In addition to recording conversations users can also record Contact Date, Follow-up Date and Status. It will also show sorting of the calls by these criteria.


infobrella Solution: ‘Phone Campaign’ form in Item Type / Forms Pane, as shown in Figure 1 below, was 1st selected before clicking on Insert button in Toolbar. This displays Phone Campaign Form shown in Figure 2 below. This form enables users to enter contact information and call status fields shown in the form. Any conversations with the contact are recorded and displayed in Notes Pane.


An added advantage of this is the ability to sort contacts by any of the fields displayed in Details Pane. This is accomplished as follows:

1.    Highlight the group name, ‘Contacts’ in our example, in Folders / Item Organization Pane

2.    Click on form name, ‘Phone Campaign’ in our case to display the fields

3.    Click on the column name, ‘Follow up Date’ in our case, to sort the list by this value

This is illustrated in Figure 3 below.





Figure 3: Details Pane sorted by “Follow up Date”



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